November 28 to December 3, 2022
Jade Music Festival presented by TD

Jade Music

November 28 to December 3, 2022

November 28 to December 3, 2022

Jade Music Fest - BG

November 28
December 3, 2022


Asian talent has flourished in North America as poets, writers, directors, photographers, fashion designers, architects, interior decorators, and visual artists. Only recently has this presence been felt in the mainstream representational arts of Film, Television, and Music. Being of Chinese/Italian descent, I have wanted to support this musically diverse talent in the music community. The Jade Music Festival presents a powerful opportunity to bring our communities together to inspire and create opportunities for each other.
Award-Winning Producer
02 Jade Music Fest Photo_Kukuh Rizal Arfianto
With “Closing the Gap” initiatives, I believe that this could be a great platform to unite all cross-culture pollination and diversity. An opportunity to create better business for all peoples of Canada and even Asia, this could also be the next best place for the Asian entertainment industries to do business outside of Asia.
Director & Co-founder of Sun Eater
03 Jade Music Fest Photo_David Siow
I'm just really excited to see what Canadian Asian artists bring to the table, and to better connect Canada with industry in Asia.
Founder of Steady State Records
04 Jade Music Fest Photo_Michiko Fujimura
A one-of-a-kind festival that can introduce the wonderfulness of Asian music.
Deputy Director of Business Planning Dept. at JMCE
06 Jade Music Fest Photo_Mak Wai Hoo
I can totally relate to the mission of JMF, which is to elevate Chinese language music to a different level. I started promoting local Chinese fringe music in the late 90s and it has been a long and grinding road. I believe we have something in common and l’m ready to explore that, not only from MY perspective but the SE Asia region.
Founder of Soundscape Records
07 Jade Music Fest Photo_Shan Wei
Canada is a magical place where cultures of the world meet, melt and move. While traditions are bound to origins, identities are found on originality. Many qualities can be said on jade, yet what we may find to have in common is why we all cherish its beauty.
CEO of Beijing Midi Productions
08 Jade Music Fest Photo_Sumesh Lal
Jade Music Fest provides a huge platform opportunity for under-represented Canadians to showcase their talent and explore cross-cultural opportunities in collaboration. At Wonderwall Media we look forward to supporting this platform in a big way by providing indigenous talent from the Asian community to participate and build themselves a fruitful career in Canada.
CEO of Wonderwall Media
09 Jade Music Fest Photo_David Silbaugh
Working with Jade Music Festival sets the stage for cultural exchange and expanding our already diverse festival lineup. I’ve had always had great experiences doing business in Canada, and look forward to this new opportunity.
Talent Buyer and Production Supervisor for Summerfest
09 Jade Music Fest Photo_Justin Sweeting
As a platform, the Jade Music Festival seeks to further encourage and facilitate the cross pollination and diversity of cultures which is aligned directly with our own business. I’m very much looking forward to attending.
Co-founder of Magnetic Asia
10 Jade Music Fest Photo_Dorcas Chiu
As a Canadian born Cantonese arts lover and worker, it’s incredibly important for us to celebrate the diversity in our culture. Having a platform to discuss and share offers us opportunities to be even more creative and innovative not only for the music itself, but how we market and promote it.
Project Manager of International Business Enhancement

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