Godkidlla 2024

Graphic Designer 視覺設計師 Godkidlla Godkidlla 廖小子 台灣最重要的平面設計師之一,以台灣在地草根風格為作品特色,帶起台灣新的設計風格。曾創辦過一本雜誌,也是兩家獨立書店的老闆,a.k.a.稿子的冒險王,草稿與成品完全是兩回事的男人。 Godkidlla is recognized as one of the most important graphic designers in Taiwan. Famous for his “local style,” Godkidlla created a new trend in Taiwanese design. He’s the founder of a magazine, and currently is the owner of two independent bookstores, also known as an extreme adventurer when … Read more

Szu-Wei Chen 2024

Independent Curator 獨立策展人 Szu-Wei Chen Szu-Wei Chen 陳峙維 先後畢業於國立臺灣大學植物學系、會計學研究所,2007年於英國史特林大學(University of Stirling)取得電影與媒體博士學位,學術專長為近現代音樂工業、流行音樂、世界音樂。2008年起於國立臺灣大學音樂學研究所兼任,2019年8月接任藝文中心執行長,2021年8月加入共同教育組。以臺、華、英三種語言開設多項課程,包括世界音樂、臺灣音樂、音樂產業、文創管理等,三度獲選教學優良教師,課程三度獲選通識教育績優計畫。現為獨立策展人、自由譯者、 專欄作家,並創作短片與多媒體配樂。 Szu-Wei Chen graduated from the Department of Botany and the Institute of Accounting at National Taiwan University. In 2007, he obtained a Ph.D. in Film and Media from the University of Stirling in the UK, with academic expertise in modern music industry, pop … Read more

Baboo Ding 2024

CEO of the Kaohsiung Music Center 高雄流行音樂中心執行長 Baboo Ding Baboo Ding 丁度嵐 畢業於世新大學口語傳播系,因緣巧合走向幕後製作,為華語流行音樂重要的製作人。 曾為五月天、李宗盛世界巡迴演唱會製作人,也曾被委任為台北流行音樂中心籌備處顧問。 現為高雄流行音樂中心執行長,協助培育國內流行音樂人才。 Baboo Ding graduated from Shih Hsin University with a degree in Oral Communications. He ventured into music production by chance, and became a significant producer in the Mandarin pop music scene. He was a producer for big names such as … Read more

Michael Hollett 2024

Managing Director of NXNE music festival 多倫多NXNE音樂節執行總監 Michael Hollett Michael Hollett Managing Director of NXNE music festival 多倫多NXNE音樂節執行總監 Michael Hollett 是加拿大出版業及現場音樂圈的傳奇人物。 Michael Hollett 是多倫多東北偏北音樂節(NXNE)的創辦人。NXNE是美國奧斯汀SXSW的姊妹音樂節,也是多倫多最大的獨立音樂節,許多當前人氣歌手都曾在出道時於NXNE演出,像是甫來台開唱的 Post Malone、民謠搖滾樂團 Lumineers、電音才女 Grimes及 女力嘻哈歌手 Lizzo 等。因此,NXNE 也經常被視為挖掘新星的年度盛事。 Michael Hollett 也是加拿大 NEXT 雜誌的創辦人暨總編輯,這是一個聚焦音樂、藝術的線上雜誌,也於全國發行實體刊物。Michael 是加拿大現場音樂協會(CLMA)的創始董事會成員,曾是北美非主流新聞媒體協會(AAN)的董事會成員。作為資深出版人及產業人士,他更曾大力協助蒙特婁、渥太華等地出版新刊物,備受敬重。 Hollett is founder of the NorthbyNortheast (NXNE) Music Festival and founder/editor/publisher of NEXT Magazine, a music and … Read more

Charlie Wu 2024

Managing Director of Jade Music Fest 溫哥華Jade Music Fest 執行總監 CHARLIE WU CHARLIE WU 吳權益 作為 SWACT 的總監,Charlie Wu 的目標是搭建各行業之間的橋樑,促進多元市場的發展。他正在與像 Creative BC 這樣的組織合作,透過組織活動在加拿大推廣華語音樂。 Charlie Wu 2012 年因對加拿大亞太地區發展的貢獻而獲得了國際貿易部長 Ed Fast 頒發的女王鑽禧獎章。他還曾於 2013 – 2015 年間擔任溫哥華市藝術和文化政策顧問委員會的成員。 As the general manager of SWACT, Charlie Wu aims to bridge various industries and promote the development of a diverse market. … Read more

2024 Sponsor Application

JADE MUSIC FEST Artist Call Sponsor Sponsors play a vital role within the JMF community as we cultivate connections in the music industry and local community. We seek sponsors who align with and endorse our vision. Kindly complete the form provided below, and we will gladly respond to your inquiry. Thank you for considering the … Read more

2024 Partner Registration

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2024 Delegate Registration

JADE MUSIC FEST Artist Call Delegate If you work in and around the music industry and would like to come join us for live music performance showcases, networking sessions, panel discussions and workshops, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

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JADE MUSIC FEST Artist Call Panel Host Have something interesting to share with the music industry? Any hot and current topics you would like to talk about?  Have niche ideas about development? Host a Panel at Jade Music Festival. Please fill out the form below, and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

2024 Workshop Host Registration

JADE MUSIC FEST Artist Call Workshop HOST Share your special skill set with us. Teach up and coming artists the ins and outs of your special skill set. Have a special product you wish to let people know about? Song writing? Producing? Entrepreneurship? Tech? Monetization? Whatever it is, we’re happy to hear from you. Please … Read more