Yu Han Huang

09 JMF Artist FT - Yu Han Huang

Artist Yu Han Huang CONCERT     12/2 FRI19:30 @Queen Elizabeth Theatre Get your Tickets Yu Han Huang is a singer-songwriter of Hakka-Indie music. As a mixed-raise of Indonesian Chinese and Hakka, She has a multicultural background that helps her develop a unique musical talent; that’s the birthplace of her versatile creation. In her works, she … Read more

Duck Lau

09 JMF Artist FT - Duck Lau

Artist Duck Lau JMF Showcase     11/30 Wed19:00 @ Vancouver Playhouse Festival Pass Duck Lau has been serving the music industry as a professional musician, composer and producer since he won the Best Song Award at the 7th CASH Song Writers Quest in 1994. Duck’s repertoire is characterized by diversity, comprising not only Canto ballad … Read more

Kerr Lee

08 JMF Artist FT - Kerr Lee

Artist Kerr Lee JMF Showcase     11/30 Wed19:00 @ Vancouver Playhouse Festival Pass I am a storyteller. Music is a way for me to channel my personal experience into creativity. I play multiple instruments, but the guitar is special to me. I am a Taiwanese Canadian independent musician with many years of experience in live … Read more

Charmaine Leung

Artist Charmaine Leung CONCERT Charmaine Leung (D.M. Charmaine) is a Vancouver-based Chinese-Canadian singer-songwriter. Growing up learning classical instruments, and later playing pop songs and Christian music in small bands with her friends, her music has been influenced by a blend of classical, pop, and rock from Asian to Western music. Instagram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhbqs0a1exYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M51A4J2XUmg

Silian Wong

07 JMF Artist FT - Silian Wong

Artist Silian Wong JMF Showcase     11/30 Wed19:00 @ Vancouver Playhouse Festival Pass Born in Hong Kong and being raised in Toronto, Silian grew up listening to a wide-range of music genres. During the university years in Toronto, Silian dedicated her time to sing within the community. With her professional work ethic and delicacy, Silian … Read more

Vanessa Lefan

02 JMF Artist FT - Vanessa Lefan

Artist Vanessa Lefan JMF CONCERT     12/2 FRI18:30 @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre Get Your Tickets Conference – THE ELEVATION OF CHINESE LANGUAGE MUSIC IN CANADA12/1 Thur13:30 @ ANNEX Read more 樂凡 (Van Lefan, she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in rural northern Taiwan, where she spent her childhood playing in farm fields, growing food … Read more

Athena Wong

03 JMF Artist FT - Athena Wong

Artist Athena Wong JMF CONCERT     12/2 FRI19:30 @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre Get Your Tickets Athena Wong (黃敏晴) is a Vancouver-based, aspiring singer-songwriter. Her initial cantonese single, “Sunday”, was a success in a nationwide songwriting competition and has been actively performing in local live and broadcasting events showcasing her originals and singing covers in diverse styles … Read more


04 JMF Artist FT - Ginalina

Artist Ginalina JMF Showcase     11/30 Wed19:00 @ Vancouver Playhouse Festival Pass Conference – THE ELEVATION OF CHINESE LANGUAGE MUSIC IN CANADA12/1 Thur13:30 @ ANNEX Read More Heart-forward and three-time Juno nominated Ginalina creates a world of indie and family folk music inspired by nature, community, and the connections we share with each other. Ginalina … Read more


06 JMF Artist FT - Katree

Artist Katree JMF Showcase    11/30 WED19:00 @ Vancouver Playhouse Festival Pass Katree is a singer-songwriter, music producer, and concert photographer based in Taiwan. She studied a master’s degree in music at Chung Yuan Christian University, finishing in June 2022. She has released an EP with her previous band Avocado Delicious and two solo records. … Read more

Tyler Shaw

01 JMF Artist FT - Tyler Shaw

Artist Tyler Shaw JMF CONCERT     12/2 FRI19:30 @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre Get Your Tickets CONFERENCE – Centre Stage: on the Rise 12/1 THUR9:00 @ ANNEX Festival Pass Read More Multi-Platinum and JUNO-nominated actor, producer, and songwriter Tyler Shaw burst onto the scene with 2012’s breakout hit “Kiss Goodnight”. Since then, Tyler has released a stream of … Read more