Seeing The Arts

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“Seeing” The Arts Featuring Artists Nothing to my Name 一無所有 Visual Artist Lady Hao Hao Music Artist Cui Jian Mandarin, China The artist was moved by the straightforward and blunt language of the love song. While the lyrics remain open-ended, the artist hears the faith of the girl to follow her lover, and the courage … Read more


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JMF Playlist Playlist Let’s Rock Rock music in Chinese-speaking regions of Asia has had a very rocky path. With its popularity among the youth and association with individualism and cynicism, Chinese-language rock has many Western influences, but evolved into its own distinct sound. Youtube Spotify Be Sentimental Heart-wrenching ballads and sentimental songs are widely popular … Read more

Our Treat

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Our Treat Afternoon Tea Come on down to Granville Street and grab a hot drink on us while enjoying the specially curated playlists of Chinese-language music. Whether you groove to r&b or you’re a rock fan or just want to expand your own musical horizons, we have a song for you. Pair it with a … Read more