November 28 to December 3, 2022
Jade Music Festival presented by TD

Jade Music

Contest Details

About Jade Music Fest

Jade Music Fest is designed to be a global showcase conference festival being held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our goal is to present a majority of Chinese language artists from Canada and around the world with the objective to elevate the underrepresented Chinese language music scene in popular mediums in Canada and foster the equal opportunities in the Canadian and international music industry that they very much deserve. We are also looking to give audiences different experiences of Chinese language music through other mediums, like visual art, fashion, or gaming. We see Vancouver as the ideal place for an event like Jade Music Fest because of its vibrant Asian Canadian community and cultural scene, significant Chinese-speaking community, and potential receptiveness to the Asian market.

Artist Call

We are looking to invite artists to participate in a visual arts project that we are pursuing for the festival. Visual forms of expression can connect to music through the multitude of stories and themes behind them, and we see visual art as another opportunity for audiences to approach and celebrate Asian cultures. Since our event is centered around Chinese language music, we are looking in particular to incorporate Chinese characters into these visual art forms as a medium for looking at the Chinese language specifically and as a vehicle that can translate the stories and themes of music into the visual art.

The concept for the project is to work with artists and share with them multiple songs and the stories behind those songs. These songs are based on important universal themes like political resistance, mental health awareness, social activism, or support for LGBTQ+ communities. The artist can then choose any impactful songs to create an art design that translates a musical experience into a visual one.

In addition to supporting underrepresented IBPOC artists and communities as a whole, Jade Music Fest also looks to support human rights and justice in the post-pandemic era. The visual arts component of the project is in cooperation with other non-profit organizations for these initiatives, which is why the song selection will be based on the aforementioned themes. For artists interested in participating in the project, your work is planned to be exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza. We will offer $500 per piece for artists whose work is chosen for inclusion in the project.

Submission Details

1. Listen to the Playlist

Please listen to the selected playlist of songs curated by Jade Music Fest and read the associated descriptions with the song’s stories and themes, as well as Chinese character keywords from the song. You can access the playlist and descriptions here:

2. Create Art Design

Create your art design based on a song from the playlist. You may choose to feature stylized Chinese character keywords from the song as a central element in the piece, but this is not mandatory. The design should be 30 x 30 inches at 300 dpi. Please submit your piece(s) to the submission form below. The deadline for submission is November 15, 2022.

3. Wait for Good News

Our art team will review all submissions. If your artwork is confirmed for inclusion, we will contact you to confirm final details. Our team will handle production and installation for the exhibit.

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