Daniel Lew

Daniel Lew



他是 Daniel Lew 廖偉廉,一個在街頭用木吉他寫詩的人。

十年前,Daniel Lew 在一場惡夢中醒來後左耳突然失去了聽力。那一天起, 他決定離開物理治療師的位置,將生命都奉獻在音樂上,陪伴聽眾找到最真實的自己是他創作的目的。

Daniel Lew is a singer-songwriter with a mission to uplift the world. 10 years ago, he
spontaneously went deaf in his left ear and developed tinnitus. This led him to devote his life to
music. His songs combine folk, pop, and rock and are introspective in nature. His voice sounds
like a blend of Bob Dylan and Chris Cornell, while his songwriting is more influenced by John
Lennon and John Mayer. He has independently released 3 albums, amassed over 400
performances, and has been featured by CBC Radio One, Jade Music Festival, Pancouver
Magazine, and Daily Hive Vancouver.

Recently, Daniel received praise from Jacob Collier and Ed Sheeran while he was busking. Ed
invited him backstage to his show where he had the opportunity to share career insights and
perform a song.

Daniel is an emerging artist in Creative BC’s Career Development Program, and is recording a new album “Destiny” that is on pace to be released May 2024. He will be supporting the release with a Canadian tour. He has a vision of increasing the representation of Asian-Canadians in the music industry and following this path has led him to begin his journey in singing Chinese language music.
Daniel is embracing the momentum of his journey and is showing no signs of slowing down.

"I'm walking the artist's path so that I can inspire future generations of Chinese-Canadians to express themselves authentically and share their voice"
- Daniel Lew

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