Jacq Teh

Jacq Teh


父親是緬甸華人,母親則是來自越南的華人。Jacq Teh 鄭寶欣在家裡說的是福建話,從小穿梭在緬甸話、廣東話、普通話和福建話交錯的大家族裡。

受父親影響而熱愛鋼琴,Jacq Teh 進入多倫多大學修習爵士樂。身為裡頭少數的亞裔面孔,她也遭遇過教授有意無意的言語歧視。現在,曾獲得加拿大朱諾獎的 Jacq 另一個身分是多倫多大學音樂系的爵士樂老師。

Juno Award-winning songwriter Jacqueline Teh is widely recognized for her captivating vocal arrangements and limitless songwriting. Her voice, as described by CBC Music, is “a summer breeze – warm and inviting”. Jacqueline’s songwriting can be found on Sammy Jackson’s Juno Award-winning album “With You” and her innovative writing style with jazz/R&B ensemble Moodset has earned her an award through TD Jazz Festival’s Discovery Series. In 2020, Jacqueline’s songwriting caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning artist Anderson .Paak, who expressed an interest in producing one of her original songs and has remarked on her songwriting “[…] wow your writing style is unique! No one writes real songs like this no more!” Jacqueline is currently based in Markham and Toronto, Ontario. Along with her songwriting endeavours, Jacqueline also cares deeply about music education and accessibility in the arts. She is currently on faculty at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music in the Jazz Area, where she teaches jazz voice and directs the Small Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and she is serving as the executive director and choral conductor for St. James Town Community Arts, a non-profit organization providing free arts education to children and youth in St. James Town.

"For many years, I did not think that pursuing a music career would be an option for me, as I never saw my cultural identity represented in the current-day popular artists. I am grateful that times are changing and that communities and initiatives such as JMF have risen out of the necessity to preserve and celebrate our heritage. I owe the privilege I have today of being a musician and artist to my fellow Asian artists and peers who uplifted me, my Asian family that set aside traditional expectations and encouraged me to follow my own path, and the many Asian communities that continue to thrive, teaching us that anything is possible as long as we continue to care for one another. "
- Jacqueline Teh

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