Kim Yang

Kim Yang


Kim Yang 楊予菁在澳洲闖蕩十年,2024 年初在女巫店首次回台演出,現在她要再回來了!

歌寫的是關於愛、心理健康與一個三十歲旅行女人的人生,她的音樂受Joni Mitchell、Bon Iver 和台灣民謠歌曲的薰陶。長期以英文創作的她,現在也開始用中文寫歌,甚至在澳洲的音樂節教起觀眾「講台語」

Inspired by Joni Mitchell and Bon Iver, Taiwanese-Australian songstress Kim Yang writes music on love, life, and mental health issues with evocative lyrics, driving melodies and soaring vocals. Her ethereal blend of sounds balances delicately between vulnerability and strength.
Since developing a passion for music at an early age, Kim has shared her voice everywhere from intimate bookshops to national television. In 2016, driven by a desire to share her stories with the world, Kim picked up her ukulele and guitar and started writing songs. She stepped out of her bedroom and into the streets, markets, and cafes of Canberra. Since then, she has collaborated with renowned local artists and played at major venues in Canberra, around Australia and overseas.

Kim has supported and shared the stage with Australia’s ARIA awarded artists including Katie Noonan, Josh Pyke, Ben Lee, Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilby and Fanny Lumsden. Kim has performed at the Australian of the Year Awards Ceremony, Sydney Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Australia Day Concert and sold out headline shows. In 2022 she was nominated as 2022 Artist of the Year by MusicACT, and toured Australia with 2022 Australian Folk Artist of the Year Fred Smith.

Kim has released two EPs and one live album with funding support from various government grant bodies. Her music has been aired on Australia’s double J, triple J radio stations, as well as community radio stations across Australia and Taiwan.

Kim is currently living in Beijing, China where she is expanding her skills as a songwriter, home producer and touring musician. She has been busy co-writing with various artists for her upcoming release in 2023.

"I am a proud multi-cultural and multi-lingual singer-songwriter. I've started to focus on my root by performing and sharing history of Taiwan in Australia’s folk festivals, advocating for diversity and equality in the music industry during my gigs, creating music with my mother tongue, and starting to use my Chinese name in my artist names. I am done trying to fit in. I am embracing my language skills and cultural background, and I encourage everyone else to do the same and be themselves. "
- Kim Yang

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