October 18 - October 21, 2023

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Voice Out for Anti-bullying​

Bullying often occurs because the antagonizers are unwilling to accept others that might be different from what they consider “the norm.” The anti-Asian hate movement ties into the anti-bullying theme; many immigrants and their children, for fear of being harrassed, either choose to give up their original ethnic name or language, which also results in the loss of many talents in Canada because they believe they cannot be included here.

Voice Out for Gender Equality/ LGBTQ+

Those who identify as women, queer, or part of a marginalized/minority often experience intersectional and systemic discrimination, shaping the way they navigate the world. Even within these communities, identity is a hot topic of contention and exploration; there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The fight for equal rights and acceptance is ongoing and worthy of celebration.

Cheers to Volunteers

Our festivals wouldn’t be the same without your time, dedication, and support. JMF appreciates every one of our volunteers, and we always look forward to meeting new friends and greeting returning faces. Here are 10 Chinese-language songs to show our love!



Chinese-language pop music first grew in popularity in Taiwan and Hong Kong, with other Chinese-speaking regions quickly catching on the trend. Departing from folk music, it has many worldly influences, from Japanese pop to Western rock to traditional Chinese instruments. Sometimes mellow, sometimes fierce, pop music is an endless foray into refreshing new sounds.

Electronic CLM

From the disco days to house music to EDM, electronic music has been consistently evolving in sound. With new generations of music creators and DJs, the underground Chinese-language music scene thrives with experimental and indie sound. Electronic music is where people gather to party and be free to express themselves.

Be Sentimental with CLM

Heart-wrenching ballads and sentimental songs are widely popular in the world of Chinese-language music. The majority of these songs have “love” as the theme, with emphasis on a flowing melody and harmonization. Many people listen to sentimental songs as a way to heal the invisible pains of their hearts.

Let's Rock with CLM

Rock music in Chinese-speaking regions of Asia has had a very rocky path. With its popularity among the youth and association with individualism and cynicism, Chinese-language rock has many Western influences, but evolved into its own distinct sound.

Seeing the Music


Voice out! We are looking for visual creations with music and message. 2023 “SEEING” THE MUSIC is focusing on Gender Equality + LGBTQ Rights, and Anti-Bullying. In addition to supporting underrepresented IBPOC artists and communities as a whole, JMF also supports human rights and social justice.


“SEEING” THE MUSIC is to work with visual artists and share with them multiple songs and the stories behind those songs. These songs are based on important universal themes like political resistance, mental health awareness, social activism, or support for LGBTQ+ communities. The artists choose songs to create art design that translates a musical experience into a visual one.

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