Van Lefan

Van Lefan


Van Lefan 樂凡是一位台灣聲響、運動和視覺藝術家。她以自己的聲音、吉他和長笛在民謠、流行和實驗音樂之間遊走,創作探究個人和集體的經驗。她的作品是對在平凡中尋找魔法和目的的存在主義進行反思,也是她對集體解放的祈禱。

Van Lefan樂凡 is a Taiwanese multidisciplinary artist with practices in music, sound art, visual media, written works, theatre, northern Shaolin kung fu, dance, and aerial hoop.

Composing using field recordings, feedback, self made instruments, electronics, voice, and acoustic instruments, her work continues to explore new ways interweaving mediums can create immersive spaces for healing, processing emotions, ideas, and reflection on personal and collective experiences.

Her works include debut album “What Holds Us Together?” (2022), SFU Theatre Production of Susanna Fournier’s “next time i die” (2022), “Space is Made” (2023, in Residency with Media Arts Committee), “Julius Caesar” at Bard on the Beach (2023, Assistant Sound Design), and completed technician apprenticeship at Lobe 4DSOUND Spatial Sound Studio in summer 2023.

Lefan is currently developing “Unsent Letters: To Whom It May Concern “, an experimental play/installation, intimately diving into the cyclical nature of interpersonal relationships, attachment patterns, memories, and the subconscious.

"As a Taiwanese artist with my first languages being Mandarin and Taiwanese, using these languages in my work are an extremely important part of my expression and connection to who I am. My first experiences singing have been in those languages, I have so many childhood memories of singing with my family, and when I sing those songs now, it brings me back home. This experience seems to be shared amongst many people of the diaspora. There's been many instances when I perform in these languages, people from Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, come up to me afterwards expressing how rare and special it is for them to hear these songs."
- Van Lefan

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