October 18 - October 21, 2023

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Jade Music Festival is being held in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Launched in 2022, JMF’s goal is to present a majority of Chinese language artists from Canada, in the hopes of giving the Chinese language speaking Canadians the representation and equal opportunities in the Canadian and international music scene they very much deserve. 

We want to let Canada and the world know that in the years to come we wish to expand into more underrepresented language groups and the IBPOC communities, as well as host the Jade Music Awards show to acknowledge the people and organizations that have contributed to the cause.

In 2022, we showcased our creative talents with showcases and workshops featuring a variety of emerging and established artists and music professionals in Canada.  Furthermore, JMF created opportunities for International artists, music professionals and organizations to exchange and network with Canadian talents aiming to foster a more connected space in the Chinese language music industry. We also want to engage the Canadian public in conversations on the roles music can play in tackling hard-pressing social topics such as discrimination, anti-racism, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, cross-generational relationship and elevation of underrepresented languages.

We believe in creating synergies between the music industry and the general public, and bringing people together that otherwise might never have crossed paths, or had the opportunity. Through sharing insights and strategies, life experiences and perspectives, new ideas and collaborations, witness how the creative world of tomorrow may emerge.

Thank you from all of us at Jade Music Festival and SWACT (The Society of We Are Canadians Too).

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