Mirabelle Jien

Mirabelle Jien


長笛音樂家、創作歌手、影音創作者,同時也為不同對象作曲,包含電玩遊戲配樂和公益募款,Mirabelle Jien 簡婕來自加拿大卡加利。

長笛、吉他、人聲、混音器和她,Mirabelle Jien 經常以一人樂隊之姿現身。她的音樂就像卡加利雪地裡的一處火堆,樹枝層層疊起,觀眾既是置身冷咧中卻又能感受到那時那刻面前的溫暖。

Mirabelle Jien is a singer, songwriter, flutist and composer from Alberta. She holds a Master of Music from the University of Toronto. Mirabelle uniquely blends her flute playing with her indie acoustic folk sound in her covers and originals. This can also be heard on her Twitch livestreams where she is a verified Partner.

Mirabelle is the host and creator of “Making It” , a podcast that brings together creatives to chat about all things creativity, entrepreneurship, and mental health. Guests include Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winners and nominated artists, as well as YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

As a composer, Mirabelle has worked on various indie video games, commercial background music, and her own projects. Mirabelle’s most recent composition is called “Overcoming”. This piece was composed live on Twitch as a result of reaching donation goals for a Stop AAPI Hate charity stream she hosted in April 2021. She also worked with Cass. L. Mann on the lo-fi soundtrack for the video game, “The Day The Sky Fell”. In the classical genre, “Clarinet Quartet no. 1” was premiered at the Calgary Clarinet Choir Charity Concert to raise funds supporting Philkids, a music education initiative started by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

Beyond music, she has a passion for photography and videography. Her short film, “What Is Music to You?” was selected to be part of the Creator’s Offline “Create At Home” Film Festival (2020).

"As a Canadian-born Taiwanese, I grew up surrounded by music from both cultures without realizing how lucky I was to have that. Now, as an adult, I'm excited to further explore my identity through the music of these different cultures."
- Mirabelle Jien

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